Preserve BEFORE It’s Sold

Found this in my FB Memories. Kind of ironic that the Newell Farm is now under the shovel, two years, almost to the day that I wrote this.

Why can’t people think ahead, and do something about the land and/or building (think about the church in Waterviliet that PC bought, or the house in Defreetsville where Target/Home Depot is, etc etc),BEFORE, it is sold and developed.

There’s a 125 acre plot adjacent to a parcel that I mentioned in my “Views” post that is up for sale. It was last actively farmed about 30-35 years ago.

Who, in the surrounding neighborhoods, is going to step forward and purchase it for non-development purposes, BEFORE it’s sold to a developer? Or will they wait until it’s sold, and then WHINE, “Why”?

Before some one jumps on me, I have no problem with a land owner selling their property. After all, it is theirs, and they’re free to do what they want to do with it, under permitted options. After all, they own it, and have paid taxes on it.

It’s the people that whine and cry after land is sold, rather than purchasing it themselves, or organizing their neighbors and friends, to pool their resources, to purchase it.

Why not form a neighborhood organization to purchase the land, and let it become passed down to future generations as a perk to owning a house in a particular neighborhood?

It’s kind of like Camp Woodstock in East Berne, NY. Many years ago when the corporation that owned it, deemed it unprofitable, and wanted to sell it, the lot owners, who owned their individual camp sites, stepped forward and bought the rest of the property from the corporation, Now, besides owning their individual private camp site, they also own a share in the entire campgrounds, for which they pay an annual fee, to cover associated expenses of the Association. And they have land, a pond, a pool and buildings that they can use and enjoy.

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