Tastee Treat Cruise-in 05/24/12

Stopped for the home-made

toasted coconut ice cream.

Got this added treat!!!!

Still trying to figure out if Superior Oil makes it easier for their “Passengers” to squeeze thru the Pearly Gates, or help them burn brighter in the other place.


Tastee Treat Ice Cream

2070 New Scotland Road

Slingerlands, NY 12159

 (518) 475-1373   tasteetreaticecream@yahoo.com

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Where’s dinner?

Next time you look out the window, take a few seconds to let the image of what you see attach itself in your memory.

Take a walk down the street.

Mow the lawn.

Hop in the car and take the kids to school.

Go to the doctors.

Go grocery shopping.

Have lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Grab a quick cup of coffee at the coffee shoppe.

Have an ice cream cone.

Take in a movie.

Head on over to the mall.


Take a ride in the country.
Marvel at the new homes there; the ones in your town.
How convenient!
While you’re in the country,
look at the cows,
the dairy farms,
the corn fields,
the truck gardens,
the fruit orchards.
Open the window and take a whiff of fresh mowed hay,
The aroma of the animal farms(some, not all),
The expanse of endless views dotted by a farm house, barns and animals or crops.

What? You didn’t see it?

Could this be why?


As more productive farmland gets buried under aspalt, concrete or lawns, where will our food supply come from?
Doesn’t manner if you’re a meat eater or a vegan.

Civilization has it’s price.

[Cindy Dunnposted toFred Dunn — Dad, I can’t find your post about all of the US farmland getting paved, or I would have responded to that.  From Heifer Inernational: 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty.  But in Appalachia, more than 1 in 4 live in poverty.  Seeds of Change, is a program Heifer is running right now, to collect money to support Appalachia and the Arkasas Delta in production, technical expertise, jobs, businesses, community school gardens, growing, harvesting, processing, packaging…you name it…to get the farmlands back in production and to help people help themselves out of poverty.  So, thankfully there are people out there thinking about our farms and how to save them (and the farmers).]

  Thank you, Erin Ehnle, 


for use of the picture.

Nebraska Brace

He and “The Brothers” held Albany together during a pretty explosive time. Thanks. Nebraska, and may God smile upon you.
See the story on the Albany NY Times Union.

-Albany Times Union

Comments from my FaceBook page:

Cheryl Frantzen:: And, what a wonderful gentleman he was when he was a Sam’s Club greeter on Washington Ave. where the 2-story Walmart is now. He was so pleasant, welcoming and respectful. So sorry to hear he is gone.

Fred Dunn::  That’s where I met him and used to chat with him. Signed his book for me. He was part Indian, Cherokee, I think. That’s where “Nebraska” name came from. We’d had a couple of “deep” chats, too……..enlightening!

Try Again

 Now that we’re back to the old easy format, let’s see how things go.

Guess Not

I was begining to feel pretty good about myself yesterday, Thought I was in training to be a an endurance athlete. Then I read this definition and my bubble burst…BIG TIME…A triathlon is a multi-sport event involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance events. While many variations of the sport exist, triathlon, in its most popular form, involves swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances, 

Guess a hot shower, a 4 mile bike ride and 20 minutes chasing a self-propelled lawn mower doesn’t qualify.

15 Bucks Well Spent or Was I Just Ripped Off?

Time will tell, especially if this project turns into a serial killer series, rather than being a complete, or at least a partial, fizzle.

Confused? So am I, so let me explain..

Today I spent $15 on an indoor gardening project; or is it a part-time outdoor gardening project?

Is it going to be a pretty flowering plant garden or an insect control project?

Usually I see plants sprout a week or so after sowing. According to the instructions that came with these seeds, it may be 3 months before I know if they’re going to germinate. And I have to keep some of them in the refrigerator for six {6} weeks.

Here I thought that I’d have cute plants balancing the household ecology by the start of summer!

Nope. Maybe, next summer or the summer of 2014, or ’15, or ’16, or ’17, or…..!

Hopefully, this won’t turn out to be a Fred & Audrey thing. No, not Fred and Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffney’s – Fred, instead of Seymour, on Skid Row in NYC.

OK, I’m going to plant some carnivores. Usually that statement would have me thinking of shooting a coyote, or snake, or lion. or something like that. However, these carnivores will require lots of TLC, and hopefully will grow, instead of die and decay into the earth when planted.

Let’s back up to….Is it going to be a pretty flowering plant garden or an insect control project?

With a little luck, it will be both as the pitcher plants, sundews and Venus Fly Traps mature! And as they mature, I’ll only have to water them occasionally. No Miracle-Gro required; they’ll feed themselves and keep the flying bugs in check…..HOPEFULLY.

Click back for an update next fall. If for no other reason to make sure that The Little Shop of Horrors didn’t come to Delmar. Now you know who Audrey, Audrey II, and Seymour are, don’t you?

And if it does come to Delmar, you’ll read about it in the “big-time” media first. I’ll have done the work, and they’ll get the story.


Wind Mills? Where?

Why don’t they put windmills around the state, federal, and local politicians meeting rooms?

It’s a shame to let all that taxpayer paid wind go to waste.

Of course in the summer it would have to be cooled.

But in the winter it’d be a source of heat, as well as electricity.

My Priceless Worthless Bottle of Water

Frequently I’ve told this story, but today I happened to return to the scene of the start and finish of the story.

Eight years next month, May, I started a trip spanning six weeks, that took me literally coast-to-coast. (Sorry, Art Bell and George Noory, not your great program, Coast-to-Coast-AM, though) There were numerous stops along the way, several of which were definitely off route. One of these stops is the basis of this story.

I have in my possession an object of probably no financial value to anyone, including myself; but to me, it has a combined sentimental, historical and trivial value. I doubt that in many ways that it’s a one of a kind object, per se, but I’d almost bet that there’s not another in captivity as I write this, with these connections.

Back in mid-May of 2004, I started out on a trip that would eventually encompass 29 states. Today, not really planned, I ended up in state #3 of that long ago trip, and told it to the people with me, what had happened there, nearly 8 years ago.

In May, back then, my wife and I were walking the beach in Ogunquit, Maine, like we had many times before. We got back to the car and were getting ready to leave, when the brainstorm hit. “I’ll be right back,” I said as I grabbed an empty orange juice bottle off the back floor of the car and darted back down the beach. I bent over and filled the bottle with water being pushed in by the incoming tide. Screwing the cap on tightly, I returned to the car and put the bottle in the back seat.

My wife, a bit puzzled with my actions, asked what I was going to do with the water. I replied that I was going to take it for a ride.

And so the water traveled around the country with me for the next 6 weeks. Eventually, I ended up in San Diego, CA. Was I ever surprised when I asked where Del Mar was, to find out that it was literally next to San Diego, as Delmar is to Slingerlands. Needless to say, the next day I just HAD to visit Del Mar.

A nice little city, Del Mar is. I wander around town and chatted with the locals, to get a feel for the city. All nice people, no one saying a bad word about their city.

Sometime in the afternoon, I ended up strolling the sandy Del Mar beach.; but not before I had retrieved my bottle of Ogunquit water from the car. Yep, I poured that bottle of Atlantic Ocean water into the mighty Pacific Ocean, right there on Del Mar, CA. Why? Because it was a “thing” that I wanted to do, join the waters of both oceans, and what better place then a place that shared the name of my hometown. So with that part of my dream accomplished, I refilled the bottle of water with water from the Pacific.

That orange juice bottle ended up stashed in the back of my car, and remained stored there….for someday.

I’m a bit fuzzy on the next part of this story. I’m not sure if we made it back to Maine in 2005. I can’t recall any reason why we would have been there. So, maybe it was in 2006, when the kids took us to Ogunquit, to celebrate our 40th anniversary, that the story wrapped up.

The date is not so important to the story as is what happened. My wife and I were again strolling the Ogunquit beach, when once more the “I’ll be right back,” popped out of my mouth. “What’s going on?” my wife wanted to know, as I disappeared toward the parking lot. “You’ll see,” I shouted back. I’d just remembered that I had that bottle of Pacific water still in the car.

I started pouring the water from Del Mar, CA into the water of Ogunquit, ME. Ah, the meeting of the Pacific and the Atlantic! Yes!

Suddenly, the light flashed, about the time the bottle was about half empty. STOP, FREDDIE, flashed my brain. And I did.

Like I did a year or two before, I bent over and topped that half full bottle off with water from the Atlantic Ocean.

Now you know about my worthless dollar value souvenir, an orange juice bottle containing married water from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which today is still ‘read a newspaper through it’ clear. And best of all, it’s commemorative of the many vacations we took to Ogunquit and my trip to Del Mar…a genuine coast-to-coast adventure.

Historic Preservation

Just wondering.

Why doesn’t anyone want to preserve historic sites BEFORE an individual or a private entity decides to develope it or tear it down?

Foresight, in these cases, is far better than “Oh, we need to save it, NOW”.

Why wasn’t it important to save it before?

Seems more like a NIMBY thing, rather than a true preservation desire.