015.JPG 2We’re been enjoying a mild winter, here in the Albany area,¬†this year. Above normal temperature. Below normal precipitation.

Not bad, or is it.

We do need at least normal precipitation to keep our ground water levels up. Otherwise, wells will go dry. Lakes, streams, ponds, rivers and wetlands will be below normal. And with that, changes in the ecology.

Warm temperatures when plants need a rest. What’s going to happen to the plants that started to bud in December? What’s going to happen to the fruit crop in the Northeast? The berry crop? The Maple sap yield?

How about the fall planted flower bulbs that need to freeze, or at least get close to it, in order to bloom in the Spring.

Along with that, there are crops that prefer to be blanketed in snow – insulated from the cold.

Global warming? Well, the early explorers of the New World IMG_4120would have liked the conditions of “today”, so they could have found the Northwest Passage, or sailed the now unfrozen northern water routes across the Artic to connect Eurasia.

IMG_4123And yes, I realize that our regional, actually continental, weather is also affected by wind and water currents in the Pacific Ocean.

Anyway, these are just my random thoughts about what the effect of our so far mild winter will have on us in the coming year.


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