Back around 2005, I started hauling auto parts out of a Chrysler plant downstate. One night during a friendly conversations with one of the employees there, he asked me what kind of car I drove. I replied, “A Honda Element.” He retaliated that I should be driving a US made vehicle, not a “foreign” one, thereby supporting the US worker and economy.

He was a bit surprised when I told him that although the profit from my Honda probably went to Japan, the US worker and economy actually benefited from it, because it WAS manufactured here in the USA by US workers. Granted 12% of the parts were imported from Japan and England, but the remaining 88% were made here. Not only that, I continued, but the last Chevy and Ford products that I purchased, were made in Canada. AND the last two Chrysler vehicles that I bought were made in Mexico or Canada.

So much for Buy US. Five vehicles made on the continent of North America, but only the “foreign” one was made in the United States!

This memory was triggered by a post on Face Book today about a former US bakery that was purchased by a Canadian bakery, and is now owned by a Mexican bakery. Locals here will recognize the name Freihofer’s

Among the comments to a post it was shared to:

SevenTown HoundSevenTown Hound I didn’t check the above post out. I doubt Thomas produced very much of their product in Mexico for the US market. However – Thomas is only one of the brands – Click the sidebox on the left to see some other brands – that were acquired a few years ago by Bimbo Bakeries of Mexico in 2008, from George Weston Limited a Canadian company which owned many baking facilities in the US.
Bimbo, like Nestles, Ahold, Delhaize, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and more foreign conglomerates control a vast amount of the food industriy in the US.
And while I think it’s a US owned company, I’m not sure, look who sorta controls the US dairy industry –
I’m very concerned over the future of food in this country, when you consider the relatively few, and ever increasing in size, US & foreign corporations that control our food supply.
I’m just a dummy who reads labels on food/grocery products to see the source/ownership. Besides, for several years I trucked in/for the grocery/food industry. Ever stop to think who manufactures “your” brands?
Bring Back American Jobs And Buy Products Made In The USA The Thomas’ at my local supermarket were all labeled Mexico when this going on.
SevenTown HoundSevenTown Hound I would guess that you live in the Southwest, where Bimbo already had a strong distribution field before they acquired the Thomas brand. By no means am I defending Bimbo.

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