About Freddie

      My first creative writing stint was as a freshman at Cardinal McCloskey High School {now Bishop Maginn} in Albany, NY. The selected topic was ‘How to Stay Awake’. For some reason or another, I choose to add ‘in English Class’ to it.

      Sister Mary Albert, my teacher, kept the composition, and informed me that if I wanted a mark, I had best submit a new paper. Assuredly, I did, but I have no idea what the topic was.

      Eventually I found out that she read my paper to the other nuns in the convent, and in today’s terminalogy – ROFL, as she did. However, she didn’t think it was “appropriate”, even thought it was as funny, or funnier, than I had intended it to be.

      A couple of years later, I became Features Editor for the school newspaper, The Cardorama.

      For several years, starting while I was in high school, I co-hosted a weekly radio program, 4-H in Action, with John Welsh. This was at the request of Charles Murn, WOKO station manager, my Kiwanis/4-H sponsor.

      In college, when we had group projects, I usually was picked to write them up.

      Shortly after the Albany Times Union initiated blogs on its website, I was asked to contribute to the Bethlehem Blog, which I did for nearly two years.

      And that’s how Freddie Dunn’s ViewsFromMyDesk and SevenTownHound came about.

Views from my desk……Don’t be misled by that term.

My desk may be a wooden slab, or my car, or a scenic overlook, or just my brain.
And the views may be just as vague – from looking out the window, or the windshield, or wandering about, or chatting with people, or something I read, or visiting places, or just my own personal thoughts. And sometimes, someone else’s views.
Anyway, don’t expect my posts to be predictable, nor my spelling perfect, as there’s no spell check here.

Contact me at FredDunn(at)live(dot)com.