IMG_0523 (2)015.JPG 2My wife and I took the opportunity to head up to Portsmouth, NH for a couple of days last  week. The occasion? To visit our daughter and son-in-law. Well on the surface, anyway. The real reason was  to see our 6 week old grandson.

We were up when he was 2 days old; and I took my sister up to see him a couple of weeks ago, too.

Little kids are sooo therapeutic for my wife. She just holds and holds and holds them. She did let me hold Grandson for a few moments – like long enough for her to snap a couple of pictures of me holding him. I think that was just so she had proof that she shared him, and didn’t hold him the entire time we were there.

She even convinced our daughter and son-in-law to let “us” baby sit him, while they went out to dinner.

Dixie-pup kept an eye on grandma to make sure that Grandson didn’t disappear. Dixie’s radar like eyes and nose were locked in on him at all times.

Son-in-law is a civilian employee at the local Navy yard. Funny how on a cool day, like Friday was, when I hear Navy, I think of heavy warm blue pea coats.

IMG_0611After daughter did a couple of errands Friday morning, she, grandma, Grandson, and I, headed up to visit Ogunquit, ME. Ogunquit has been a favorite vacation spot for us since the early 1970s. Anytime we’re in the nearby area, we try to stop by and take a short walk on the famous 3 mile, non-commercial, sandy beach.IMG_0575

Being a bit cool and slightly breezy, Daughter grabbed a sweatshirt, I, a fuzzy lined windbreaker, Grandma, a light blue rain jacket, just in case. Grandson was happy under a blanket in his stroller.


While not packed, there were quite a few people on the beach. They weren’t spread out too much because the tide was coming in. Despite 61 degree water, there were some dedicated people splashing around in the water.

We did our walk, I got some pics, and we headed for the Weather Vane on Badger’s Island, Kitterly, for lunch; but it had closed for the season on Labor Day. Because of that, daughter was given a $5 gift certificate good at any of their locations, and I verified that my 10 year old gift certificates were still valid at any of their locations.

IMG_0731So, we hopped across the Piscataqua River to Portsmouth for lunch on the River House’s deck on the river.

Daughter found a parking spot right out front! Grandma and I walked down to the deck to reserve a table and place our 3 orders, while daughter stayed in the car for a few minutes to feed and change Grandson, before joining us.

Remember that light blue rain jacket of Grandma’s? Well, I think Grandson has a future in the Navy, or as a magician, because daughter told us that during the changing process, he turned it into a pee coat.

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