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Where’s dinner?

Next time you look out the window, take a few seconds to let the image of what you see attach itself in your memory.

Take a walk down the street.

Mow the lawn.

Hop in the car and take the kids to school.

Go to the doctors.

Go grocery shopping.

Have lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Grab a quick cup of coffee at the coffee shoppe.

Have an ice cream cone.

Take in a movie.

Head on over to the mall.


Take a ride in the country.
Marvel at the new homes there; the ones in your town.
How convenient!
While you’re in the country,
look at the cows,
the dairy farms,
the corn fields,
the truck gardens,
the fruit orchards.
Open the window and take a whiff of fresh mowed hay,
The aroma of the animal farms(some, not all),
The expanse of endless views dotted by a farm house, barns and animals or crops.

What? You didn’t see it?

Could this be why?


As more productive farmland gets buried under aspalt, concrete or lawns, where will our food supply come from?
Doesn’t manner if you’re a meat eater or a vegan.

Civilization has it’s price.

[Cindy Dunnposted toFred Dunn — Dad, I can’t find your post about all of the US farmland getting paved, or I would have responded to that.  From Heifer Inernational: 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty.  But in Appalachia, more than 1 in 4 live in poverty.  Seeds of Change, is a program Heifer is running right now, to collect money to support Appalachia and the Arkasas Delta in production, technical expertise, jobs, businesses, community school gardens, growing, harvesting, processing, packaging…you name it…to get the farmlands back in production and to help people help themselves out of poverty.  So, thankfully there are people out there thinking about our farms and how to save them (and the farmers).]

  Thank you, Erin Ehnle, 


for use of the picture.

Guess Not

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