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My first creative writing stint was as a freshman at Cardinal McCloskey High School {now Bishop Maginn} in Albany, NY. The selected topic was 'How to Stay Awake'. For some reason or another, I choose to add 'in English Class' to it.
Sister Mary Albert, my teacher, kept the composition, and informed me that if I wanted a mark, I had best submit a new paper. Assuredly, I did, but I have no idea what the topic was.
Eventually I found out that she read my paper to the other nuns in the convent, and in today's terminalogy - ROFL, as she did. However, she didn't think it was "appropriate", even thought it was as funny, or funnier, than I had intended it to be.
A couple of years later, I became Features Editor for the school newspaper, The Cardorama.
For several years, starting while I was in high school, I co-hosted a weekly radio program, 4-H in Action, with John Welsh. This was at the request of Charles Murn, WOKO station manager, and my Kiwanis/4-H sponsor.
In college, when we had group projects, I usually was picked to write them up.
Shortly after the Albany Times Union initiated blogs on its website, I was asked to contribute to the Bethlehem Blog, which I did for nearly two years.
And that's how Freddie Dunn's Views came about.
Unfortunately, while I was traveling this winter, someone hacked into my account, and all the posts were lost. And they did a thorough job, because the backup was wiped out, too. Anyway, I'm back, using a different program/format, in the hopes that they don't find me again.
You can contact me at Hound (at)